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Welcome All

Thank you for visiting this web site. This is a brand new web site for those looking for a new & improved Youth Hockey home. A new place to discuss youth hockey, find ice slots for sale & somewhere to get practice games. Thanks for all your support!

I decided to create this web site because I don't believe there is a really good resource for Youth Hockey in Illinois. I know there are other web sites that have mostly information for only one area of Youth Hockey and not really state wide or even all of North America. Those other sites also have links to forum boards but those forums lack some important tools for Youth Hockey Players, Parents, Coaches, Fans and Officials. I have also created a link to a forum under the heading Real-Hockey. The difference between OURS and the other forums is that you may read and post all you want without registering but all post will be Screened before they are released to the public. I think that by doing this we can have a forum that the majority of Illinois Hockey enthusiasts are searching for. I do feel that people should and still can post any and all feelings they have be it positive or negative but by Screening all posts we should be able to maintain keeping names of children from reaching these forums.

I will be listing links to the Real Hockey forum and other useful Hockey related web sites here. Our forum will include Hockey Skater & Goalie Schools. I will also have links to Hockey supply stores, USA Hockey, leagues, etc. This will be a web site designed by myself with the help of any and all people here in the Hockey community. I want YOUR input for the links, content and thoughts to make this the best place for Hockey in Illinois and all of North America. I would like to include information for other states in the USA and Canada. The only way for this to be truly successful is if all of us in North America are allowed input here and the Real Hockey forum. This web site is and never will be self serving to me or any club I'm affiliated with. I have decided to give all I can give to Youth Hockey for the Children & Parents.

John Karavidas

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